Land Management Services & Consulting

Deer Necessity Products is currently engaged in managing over 20,000 acres throughout Kansas and Oklahoma. We can help provide landowners with knowledge and expertise that they may need to create their dream farm.

Using our expert knowledge of Midwest whitetails, we are teaming up with landowners to help create the ultimate hunting property. Deer need 3 things; Food, water, and cover. If provided, you increase chances for a mature buck to stay on your property as much as possible. We have all the tools necessary to help make these dreams a reality. We can also provide services for landowners who may live out of the area or just don’t have the time to do the things necessary to operate a quality hunting farm.


At Deer Necessity Products, one of our main focal points, is the health and quality of the animals that call your place home. We have a very in-depth nutrition program for  Deer, Elk, and Upland Game birds. Properly managed your wildlife won’t go a day without getting proper nutrition, whether it be high protein pellets, specially formulated wildlife tubs, alfalfa bales, or supplemental water systems. Our main goal is to provide year-round nutrition so we can help maintain proper body condition on your bucks and does.

  • Design and build food plots on your property
  • Develop a Supplemental Feeding program
  • Keeping trail cameras updated and keeping your deer supplements refreshed when need be
  • Pond re-construction
  • Stands and Blinds location and installation

High Tech Approach to Land Management

From timber stand improvement projects to planting food plots and cutting shooting lanes, our software provides the tools needed to plan and execute land and wildlife management goals.

Satellite, Topographic and Hybrid Basemaps

With the use Google Earth and On-X maps we can get a good feel for the layout of a property and begin designing the perfect property.

Land Management Kansas


Thermal Drone

Accurate Herd Counts Using Thermal Drone Technology

We utilize an Autel EVO II thermal drone for conducting herd count surveys. This is an effective way to know our herd numbers and also understanding their core areas without physically intruding on them