Know When to Set Out The Feed: A Guide For Deer Hunting



  • We utilize Rack Elite on the properties we manage for a variety of reasons
  • Rack Elite does not need a feeder
  • It is used as a Free-Choice supplement in conjunction with a deer’s native browse provided by the landscape
  • Effective way to feed our fawns- Rack Elite tubs are at the perfect height that fawns are able to utilize them, contrary to protein pellets that fed through a feeder with spouts 50+ inches off the ground
  • Cinnagar technology- an additive for enhanced fleas, ticks, and fly protection and also increased rumen efficiency
  •  Minimal intrusion into your deer habitat- tubs will typically last 6-8 weeks within a high deer-density area

Tips And Tricks To Starting A Supplemental Feed Program

First off, a deer’s need for a high-protein diet occurs in the spring and summer. This is when you should begin your supplemental feed program.

  • Different deer have different needs. Consumption rates will also vary from each location. Higher consumption means your deer are lacking and they will fulfill those needs with your high-protein supplement. Lower consumption may be noticed in areas that already have a high protein native browse
  • To influence consumption, we like to top our Rack Elite tubs with corn. This will help get your deer started. You may have to do this multiple times before your deer actually begin to consume the tubs.
  • Keep your product clean and dry until the deer habitually begin consumption. Once a deer herd begins consuming this product on a regular basis, they will keep the product clean and fresh on their own
  • Put a trail cam over the tub. This is a great way to monitor your deer herd and buck numbers. We like to run a cellular camera when possible. 6-8 weeks of product that doesn’t require a person to be in and out of the area = less pressured deer



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